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You came over.

If you hold your arms open wide, just know I appreciate you all the more.

I'm NOT going to throw a dog and pony show at you while you are here on this plain and simple, no bells and whistles profile page for the next 7 short minutes. 

I'm not even going to hit you over the head with a bunch of cheap clichés and annoying adjectives.

You're welcome.

What I am going to do is to simply give you 5 quick reasons why you need to have me working hard for you on your next project so you can sell more.


And now for your approval, a few smiles, and maybe a chuckle now and then, I present to you ample examples and samples on how I have been able to write--current--FDA & FTC compliance copy, while making more money for...

Whole Foods
Nivea skin care
Nature Made
Dr. Andrew Weil
Dr. Gary Kaplan
Arthritis Foundation
Natural Products Expo

American Association 
of Naturopathic Physicians...





Just like I have done for Whole Foods, GNC, Prevention magazine, Nivea skin care, the Arthritis Foundation)...

the odds are pretty darn good that I am able to make more money for you also because...

...through creative ideas + personable converting copy, I make you even more interesting, I make you even more likable, I make you personable, I make you charismatic...

...which tend to make people want to know more about you.

And when you get down to the nitty gritty, the bottom line, people are more inclined to go over to those they like.









When you explain something better...
the better, people will understand.
Then they will contact you.



Here are 5 quick reasons why you
need to have me working hard for
you, so you can make more money.

first reason:
$10,000 to write just that?!"

Déjà vu???

The first reason why you need to have me working (selling more) for you on your next project or two is because I don't charge an arm and a leg.

Just the leg.

Although I have sold more for doctors, and both small and large food, drink and supplement companies, I still keep my rates "very reasonable."

But, please, don't mistake that with "cheap." With my credentials and caliber, I'm one of the few most affordable sales writers out there.

I'm not saying I am cheap, and you can't find others cheaper than me. I'm saying that the quality I deliver with my caliber and credentials, I'm the most affordable.

In other words: I sell more for you at an affordable rate, which means you save more money on writing costs, while you make more money to pay the overhead.    

How affordable? Ask me.


Or copy and paste in your e-mail form.


Don't sell, like a salesperson
would--show, like a friend would. 

second reason:
I'll let you look over
my shoulder while I work.

Having an in-house writer can be nice because he or she is right there. You can look over his or her shoulder with that cup of coffee in your hand.

But if that writer is not good at selling and you have bills--and the Tax Man to pay--I'll give you the next best thing: I'll let you look over my shoulder.

Well, so to speak. I'll send you what I have completed that day, and you can look at it when you come in the next morning.




Replace "buy" with "try"
in your sales pitch.

third reason:
I'll also be your "Idea Man"
for better ideas that sell more.

As a creative "Idea Man" for companies both tiny and large, part of my job is to also think of better ideas to bring in even more money. 

Here are a few ideas of many that--when combined with doing other little things--brought in more money:

1) Replace "buy" with "try"in all your sales copy, including your ordering buttons.

2) Replace the typical, "Call us at 1.800.123.4567" with, "Call our health team at 1.800.123.4567."

If you have an outside call center, I wouldn't recommend using those words. Obviously.

3) Starting today, e-mail your customers right after they bought so you can ask them why they bought. Ask them what are the specific benefits they are looking for.

Then use their answers for future sales material to persuade others to also buy.

4) Put in free health tips, or even recipes. Sprinkle them here and there going down the page.

But they have to be very creative, and darn good!

I have actually doubled sales by using free tips alone.

Then put in a "send to a friend" link or form to get word of mouth going.

5) Do not rely on your visitors (potential customers) to click on links on your homepage to see more...

because many of them won't. Think about putting your most important points on the homepage--right in front of their faces.

This keeps more people reading.


fourth reason:
I think outside the box
to make you look different.

Below is an ad that tripled sales from December to March:
It's simple and direct--and, boy, can people relate!

I do not have the original sales piece, but below is an "eye-chart" heading I drew up for a Bausch & Lomb 16-page direct-mail piece on healthy vision to catch more readers' eyes. Excuse the lame pun.

Can you read this line?

Can you read this line?

Can you read this line?

Here is how to have healthy Owl Eyes

Here is how to have healthy Owl Eyes

Here is how to have healthy Owl Eyes


If you want more money coming through the door, you must "Think Different." 

You must think outside the box.



Or copy and paste in your e-mail.


fifth reason:
I keep your buying
audience interested.

Look at your clock. Go ahead, look at it now.

Between reading my e-mail and getting this far down my profile page, how many minutes has it been?

How many copywriters (creatives) in the past have you given this much attention to?

This site isn't the prettiest in town, but you are still here.

I keep people--your potential customers--interested longer, which means more money coming through your door.


          -The Domino Effect-
The more you can get your audience to smile, to lean forward, to go "hmmm," the more they will like you.
The more they like you, the more they tend to trust you.
The more they trust you, the more they tend to go over to your side.

If you just want to chat for now:



I will never, never...

...never sell your product in the traditional sense that makes so many sales people and the average in-house copywriters so frustrated from the never ending, "I'm not interested."

I persuade, like one friend to another.



Or copy and paste in your e-mail.

Marquette, Michigan